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DuraSled DS820 - 1D/2D Linear Barcode Plus QR Code Scanner, iPhone, iPod

Product Description

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Apple has DISCONTINUED the iPod touch and existing supplies are limited. Get your DuraSled or Durasled Case for iPod touch while supplies last.

For Apple®:

iPhone 6/7/8 Series
iPhone SE 2020 & 2022 3rd Gen
iPod touch 5th/6th/7th Gen

iPhone 12/12 Pro
iPhone 13/14, 13/14 Pro

The DuraSled™ DS820 is a linear barcode & QR Code reader sled for 1D/2D barcodes, with Bluetooth® wireless technology for Apple iPhones and iPods. The DuraSled reads printed or on-screen barcodes. It is easy-to-use and ideal for delivery services, asset tracking, ticketing, and other application-driven mobile solutions. Its case protects phones from drop damage and provides simultaneous charging of the scanner and the phone.

Certified by Apple® for iOS devices (iPad®, iPhone®, iPod Touch® devices). 

NOTE: iPhone/iPod NOT included

DS820 Features

  • Bluetooth Wireless Technology - Connects easily to iPhone or iPod Bluetooth devices
  • Compatibility - Socket Mobile's SDK is integrated in over 700+ applications, and our scanners are one of the most natively integrated scanners available. (Supports HID keyboard emulation to work with any application.)
  • Scanning – 2D & 1D omni-directional barcode scanning with visible and safe aimer.
  • Scanner Feedback – Scanner provides audible scan tones, hand pulsation and Bluetooth indicator.
  • Long-Lasting Replaceable Battery - Power to last a full workday.
  • One-Handed Operation – Insert the iPhone/iPod for a one-handed scanning solution.
  • Interchangeable Scanner - Barcode scanner can be used separately, attached to a different iPhone/iPod, or inserted into any model DuraSled (case only).
  • Interchangeable Accessories – All accessories for all DuraSleds models are the same.
  • Protective material - Elastomeric (rubber) case protects both the Apple device and scanner.
  • Battery Charging - Integrates connectors from scanner & Apple device for dual charging. Features magnetic contacts for ease of docking.
  • Native App Support – Socket Mobile’s CaptureSDK enables easy native app integration in your applications to improve business productivity.
  • Accessories - Adapter and Multi-Charger (sold separately or in a bundle).
  • Designed and made in USA
  • Developer Support Available - The Socket Mobile development team is available to help integrate CaptureSDK into your app.
  • 1-Year Warranty.

DS820 (charger sold separately) includes

  • DS820 barcode sled scanner
  • 1 year limited Warranty on DuraSled barcode scanner

DS820 with Charging Dock includes

  • DS820 barcode sled scanner
  • GDS Charging Dock
  • USB Charging Cable
  • 1 year limited Warranty on DuraSled and charging dock

DS820 with 6 Bay Charger includes

  • DS820 barcode sled scanner (6 x DS820)
  • 6 Bay Charger
  • Power Cord
  • 1 year limited Warranty on DuraSled and 6 Bay Charger

Standard Limited Warranty:

  • 1-Year Warranty - Barcode Scanner
  • 90 Day Warranty - Charging cables, wrist straps and batteries purchased separately

Product SKUs

DuraSled (Charger sold separately)

  • CX4084-3151  - iPhone 13/13 Pro/14/14 Pro
  • CX4014-3077 - iPhone 12/12 Pro
  • CX4020-3083 - iPhone 6/7/8/SE 2020
  • CX4032-3095 - iPod 5/6/7th Generation

DuraSled w/ Single Charging Dock

  • CX4079-3146 - iPhone 13/13 Pro/14/14 Pro
  • CX4009-3072 - iPhone 12/12 Pro
  • CX4015-3078 - iPhone 6/7/8/SE 2020
  • CX4027-3090 - iPod 5/6/7th Generation

DuraSled w/ 6 Bay Charger

  • CX4080-3147 - iPhone 13/13 Pro/14/14 Pro
  • CX4010-3073 - iPhone 12/12 Pro
  • CX4016-3079 - iPhone 6/7/8/SE 2020
  • CX4028-3091 - iPod 5/6/7th Generation

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