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DuraSled DS860 - 1D/2D/MRZ Ultimate Barcode Sled Scanner, Reader, iPhone, iPod

Product Description

Have an old reader?

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Apple has DISCONTINUED the iPod touch and existing supplies are limited. Get your DuraSled or Durasled Case for iPod touch while supplies last.

For Apple®:

iPhone 6/7/8 Series
iPhone SE 2020 & 2022 3rd Gen
iPhone X/Xs/Xs Max
iPod touch 5th/6th/7th Gen

iPhone 12/12 Pro/12 Pro Max/ 12 Mini
iPhone 13/14, 13/14 Pro

The DuraSled DS860 is a barcode sled scanner for 1D/2D barcodes and travel identification reading, with Bluetooth® wireless technology for iPhones and iPods. The DS860 scans 1D, 2D barcodes, OCR A & B fonts, OCR USC, OCR passport, OCR MICR (E13B) fonts and DotCode while the sled protects devices from tumbles. It is easy-to-use and ideal for the travel industry, retail point of sale, field service or mobile service workers. Simply insert your iPhone/iPod, pair your scanner and you are ready to go.

The DuraSled’s core elements remain constant, enabling seamless transitions to the ever-changing iPhone models, using the same application and same DuraSled charging infrastructure. DuraSled supports the iPod, iPhone 6, 7, 8, SE 2020, iPhone X series and the entire iPhone 11 series. The core components don’t change when switching to a new iPhone model, enabling users to maintain their mobile deployment investment. The sled creates a one-handed solution that will allow merchants to scan barcodes of products and the passports of consumers with one device.

NOTE: iPhone/iPod NOT included

DS860 Features

  • Now comes with a field-replaceable battery.
  • Interchangeable Scanner - Barcode scanner can be used separately, attached to a different iPhone/iPod, or inserted into any sized DuraSled Case.
  • Interchangeable Accessories – All accessories for DuraSled, DuraScan 800 Series and DuraSled Family are the same.
  • Combines and protects both your Apple device and 800 Series scanner with a durable Elastomeric (rubber) case.
  • Integrates connectors from both devices directly into the case for dual charging.
  • Features magnetic contacts for ease of docking.
  • Made with antimicrobial material for ease of cleaning and extra protection against potentially harmful microbes.
  • Designed and made in USA.

DS860 includes

  • DS860 barcode scanner
  • USB Cable
  • 1 year limited Warranty on DuraSled barcode scanner

DS860 with Charging Dock includes

  • DS860 barcode scanner
  • Charging Dock
  • USB Cable
  • 1 year limited Warranty on DuraSled and charging dock

DS860 with 6 Bay Charger includes

  • DS860 barcode scanners (6 x DS860)
  • 6 Bay Charger
  • USB Cable
  • 1 year limited Warranty on DuraSled and 6 Bay Charger

Standard Limited Warranty:

  • 1-Year Warranty - Barcode Scanner
  • 90 Day Warranty - Charging cables, wrist straps and batteries purchased separately

Product SKUs

DuraSled (Charger sold separately)

  • CX4096-3163 - iPhone 13/13 Pro/14/14 Pro
  • CX3911-2950 - iPhone 12 Mini
  • CX3908-2947 - iPhone 12/12 Pro
  • CX3914-2953 - iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • CX3587-2238 - iPhone X/Xs
  • CX3627-2278 - iPhone Xs Max
  • CX3584-2235 - iPhone 6/7/8/SE 2020
  • CX3585-2236 - iPhone 6/7/8 Plus/Xs Max/11 Pro Max
  • CX3588-2239 - iPod 5/6/7th Generation

DuraSled w/ Single Charging Dock

  • CX4091-3158 - iPhone 13/13 Pro/14/14 Pro
  • CX3909-2948 - iPhone 12 Mini
  • CX3906-2945 - iPhone 12/12 Pro
  • CX3912-2951 - iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • CX3602-2253 - iPhone X/Xs
  • CX3639-2290 - iPhone Xs Max
  • CX3599-2250 - iPhone 6/7/8/SE 2020
  • CX3600-2251 - iPhone 6/7/8 Plus
  • CX3603-2254 - iPod 5/6/7th Generation

DuraSled w/ 6 Bay Charger

  • CX4092-3159 - iPhone 13/13 Pro/14/14 Pro
  • CX3945-2988 - iPhone 12 Mini
  • CX3942-2985 - iPhone 12/12 Pro
  • CX3948-2991 - iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • CX3734-2386 - iPhone X/Xs
  • CX3727-2379 - iPhone 6/7/8/SE 2020
  • CX3732-2384 - iPod 5/6/7th Generation

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