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DuraScan Wear DW940

Durable Performance 1D/2D Wearable Barcode Scanner

Product Description


Experience unparalleled comfort, mobility, and efficiency with the DuraScan Wear DW940. Engineered for scenarios when precision and speed are paramount, this wearable scanner empowers workers with the flexibility to use both hands— revolutionizing data capture tasks in warehousing, manufacturing, pick & pack, and distribution.

The DW940’s wearable design increases productivity, allowing workers to continue scanning without putting the scanner down when moving items or operating machinery. The scanner is small, light, and fits comfortably on the back of a hand with a rechargeable battery that lasts an entire shift. It can be worn right over the frontline workers’ preferred work gloves. The modular design allows workers to maintain their own personal hand wrap element for hygiene. The attachable scanner is easy to remove during breaks, and the Velcro provides quick assembly when it’s time to get back to work.

The DW940 features fast 1D/2D, omnidirectional scanning for printed or on-screen barcodes with a highly visible and safe LED aimer. The DW940 is fully backward compatible with prior versions of Socket Mobile’s CaptureSDK and can be integrated immediately with any application using native scanning support. To enjoy optimal reliability and performance from the DW940, it is recommended that users check with their app provider to ensure they have upgraded to the latest version of CaptureSDK. 




  • Apple® Certified for iOS devices (iPad®, iPhone®, iPod Touch®) and compatible with Android, Windows® 10, Mac and Linux.
  • Scanning Fast 1D/2D, omnidirectional scanning for printed or on-screen barcodes with highly visible and safe LED aimer.
  • Bluetooth Wireless Technology Dependable Bluetooth connection to iOS devices. Auto-reconnection maintains even in different environments.
  • Exceptional Ergonomics – Small, light, and fits perfectly on the back of the hand for comfortable use over extended periods.
  • Battery Friendly® Barcode scanner features a rechargeable, field-replaceable battery that lasts an entire shift.
  • LED Aimer Bright, rectangular illumination field with LED pointer for precise aiming.
  • LED Indicators Intuitive LED lights that indicate scanning and scanner battery charging status.
  • User Feedback Audible tones.
  • Rugged Design IP67 rating for dust and waterproof; withstands multiple drops.
  • Native App Support Socket Mobile’s CaptureSDK enables easy native app integration in your applications to improve business productivity.
  • High Performance Fast, accurate, and easy, captures all 1D/2D barcodes, including damaged or poor-quality barcodes.
  • Wearable Fits comfortably over a glove or directly on the hand. Allows usage of both hands without having to put the scanner down. Washable & breathable material with Velcro for attaching the scanner module.
  • Designed and Assembled in the USA
  • 1- Year Warranty
  • Developer Support Available


  • CX4199-3280 - DW940 w/glove (Left/LG)
  • CX4198-3279 - DW940 w/glove (Left/Med)
  • CX4197-3278 - DW940 w/glove (Left/SM)
  • CX4200-3281 - DW940 w/glove (Left/XL)
  • CX4196-3277 - DW940 w/glove (Left/XS)
  • CX4204-3285 - DW940 w/glove (Right/LG)
  • CX4203-3284 - DW940 w/glove (Right/Med)
  • CX4202-3283 - DW940 w/glove (Right/SM)
  • CX4205-3286 - DW940 w/glove (Right/XL)
  • CX4201-3282 - DW940 w/glove (Right/XS)

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