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FlexGuard for SocketScan 700 Series Readers

Product Description

Protect your SocketScan700 Series scanner with FlexGuard – a custom molded sleeve for the S700, S720, S730, and S740 scanners. It provides extra protection against the dirt, drops and bumps of daily usage. Its high-quality, washable silicon is strong enough to resist tears, cracking and over-stretching. It is lightweight and comfortable to hold. Plug in the charging cable and attach a lanyard without removing FlexGuard.


  • High-Quality Silicone - Resists tearing and provides extra protection against scratches and drops
  • Washable - Hand washable
  • Slim Design - Keeps the 700 Series Scanner light and portable
  • Add a wrist strap or lanyard without removing the FlexGuard from your scanner
  • Temperature Resistance — FlexGuard won’t crack in most operating conditions, stays elastic and comfortable
  • 90-day warranty

NOTE: FlexGuard is not compatible with the Charging Dock or Charging Stand.

Product SKUs

  • AC4197-2216

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