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SocketScan S550

Apple VAS Certified NFC Mobile Wallet Reader

Product Description

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The SocketScan S550, an NFC mobile wallet reader/writer, is designed to facilitate tap-and-go smart card and NFC applications. It combines the latest 13.56 MHz contactless technology with Bluetooth LE connectivity.

The S550 was created to work with loyalty cards, memberships, and other customer-related services with applications. Together with an application, the S550 can automatically request the appropriate mobile pass from an iOS or Android host device for a franchise, store or event you are attending to ensure a fast and convenient end-user experience. The S550 with an application creates a simple user interaction and a high level of security by capturing a cryptographically generated payload from the mobile pass. The mobile pass then transmits the payload over secure Bluetooth to an iPad or other host device running a connected application.

Ideal for applications with a broad range of solutions, such as hands-free verification for physical and logical access control and inventory tracking. The S550 supports three Bluetooth profiles: 1). HID Keyboard Emulation (for native app support), 2). Reader (default mode) and 3). Coupler Reader/Writer (the latter two for customer app development using our CaptureSDK).

The S550 is compact and portable and can be plugged into power or run on battery power. Convenient for use anytime, anywhere with applications running on Android, Apple iOS devices (iPad®, iPhone®, iPod touch®) and Windows. The S550 can be used with applications that support ISO 14443 Type A and B smart cards, ISO 15693 tags, MIFARE®, FeliCa®, NPX, STMicro tag and most NFC tags and devices compliant with ISO 18092 standard. It is NFC Forum, Apple Pay® Value Added Service (VAS), Google Wallet, FeliCa®, and Bluetooth SIG certified. Complies with both Apple and Google NFC protocol on iPhone and Android devices.

The S550 supports three Bluetooth profiles:

  1. Smart Reader Mode (default)
  2. PCSC Coupler Reader/Writer Mode
  3. Basic Mode (sometimes called HID or human interface device or Keyboard Emulation)

Note: The S550 is not a credit or debit card reader and cannot receive payments.

Key Features:

  • Works with supported applications over Bluetooth LE in iOS, Android and Windows Bluetooth-enabled devices
  • Meets Accessory Design Guidelines for Apple devices (Release R7)
  • Compliant with Android, and Windows product recommendations
  • Reading – Reads Apple Wallet® & Google Wallet Passes, Fast NFC and RFID Reader (HF tags, labels, smart devices).
  • Writing – Write/Encode, lock, unlock tags.
  • Long Lasting Battery - Power to lasts a full shift.
  • Reader Mode Templates – reader and HID mode for popular tag types. Customizable with an application over BLE
  • User Feedback - Intuitive LED indicators and melodies let users monitor battery, Bluetooth connection and scanning status at a glance.
  • Keyboard Emulation - The combination of the S550 (reader mode) and Socket Mobile Keyboard provides HID equivalent supposed for use in any app or web form. Fast, reliable with full error checking.
  • HID Basic Mode - emulates a keyboard and delivers the data to the active cursor location. No software installation required.
  • Application Mode –Along with Socket Mobile’s CaptureSDK enables easy integration in your applications to unite the S550 into your ecosystem.
  • Sample App - Socket Mobile Nice2CU application, available via Apple app store and GitHub, is a simple membership check-in/ checkout app demonstrating the power and potential capabilities of the solution.
  • Wireless (Bluetooth) – connectivity with iOS, Android and Windows devices with long-range Bluetooth connection up to 330 feet (100m).
  • Easy Updates - Firmware can be updated over Bluetooth using an iOS or Android app.
  • Developer Support Available
  • 1-Year Warranty – Reader/Writer
  • 90 Day Warranty - Charging cables, wrist straps and batteries purchased separately

Product SKUs

  • TX3867-2902 - Black no Security Base
  • TX3955-3006 - Black w/ Security Base
  • TX3489-1984 - White no Security Base
  • TX3954-3005 - White w/ Security Base

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